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Picasso Gold & Diamond Jewelry: Elevating Your Jewelry Experience

Welcome to Picasso Gold & Diamond, a pinnacle in the realm of exquisite jewelry, centrally located in downtown Chicago within the iconic Water Tower Place. As trailblazers in the jewelry selling business, we extend our premier services both offline and online, catering to connoisseurs across the USA.

Our Dazzling Array: Explore a curated collection featuring silver, Italian pure gold (10KT, 14KT), natural and lab-grown diamonds, and a kaleidoscope of gemstone jewelry. Picasso Gold & Diamond stands as a beacon of quality, epitomizing craftsmanship and sophistication.

Pledge to Customer Bliss: Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction defines our ethos. A dedicated team ensures an unparalleled shopping experience, whether within our inviting store or through our comprehensive online platform.

Holistic Services: Beyond our extensive product range, Picasso Gold & Diamond offers a spectrum of services. Our skilled artisans deliver meticulous repair and cleaning solutions, preserving the allure of your cherished pieces.

Legacy of Excellence: Proudly family-owned, our legacy spans two decades, embodying tradition, dedication, and an unwavering passion for delivering excellence.

Online Customization Appointments: Unlock a realm of personalization through our online appointment system. Experience bespoke creations at exceptional prices, a testament to our commitment to superior quality. Request Custom Jewerly Estimate

Why Picasso Gold & Diamond:

  • 20 Years of Expertise: Our team brings two decades of unparalleled expertise to the jewelry industry.
  • Trusted Services: Our record of satisfied customers speaks to the trust we've earned.
  • Family-Centric Values: As a family-owned business, warmth and familiarity infuse every interaction.
  • Quality Assurance: Picasso Gold & Diamond guarantees the zenith of quality in every facet of our offerings.

Step into Picasso Gold & Diamond, your ultimate destination for an unparalleled jewelry experience. Cherish every moment with pieces that narrate unique stories, where customer satisfaction is not just a promise but a legacy.